Our daily routine involves a wide range of activities: creative play, arts and crafts, music, science, games, blocks, books, fine-motor activities and large-motor activities. Children are taught various social skills (manners, sharing, kindness, etc.) and are also encouraged to think and play together as well as play independently. Each class spends time each day experiencing music and movement.

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Our classes give children the opportunity to socialize with both their peers and adults.  By enrolling your child in a classroom based age appropriate setting it gives them the opportunity to learn skils that will help guide them through their educational years. Sharing, setting boundaries, and problem solving all come from socializing and interacting. Children learn to have empathy for other people; recognize when their friends may be sad or mad or even happy! Children eventually will start to use these skills at home with their parents, siblings, and even pets. 


Through Exposure to play, age appropriate curriculum and our wonderful classroom teachers we are prepping children to move on to kindergarten.  Children learn best through play and socialization.  A child that is ready socially to enter kindergarten is of greatest importance.  We miss each child when they leave our program but we are extrememly happy to watch them soar into the next chapter of their lives! 


We believe children learn through experience and through interaction within their social and physical environment. While your child attends any of our programs it is our goal that he or she will have many rich and varied activities to stimulate their growth and development.

Tiny Tots Early Learning Center

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